Mobile application to help in challenges of daily life

FunctionApp LLC develops mobile applications to support people with challenges in coping independently with their everyday life, as well as to help professionals working with such people.

The idea is to ease everyday activities by breaking them down to small bits according to personal needs and these bits are joined together into digital chains of tasks. The chains include instructions, notifications and alerts. The service suits all ages.

For an individual

  • smooth daily routines enable studying, working, participating in society
  • supports independence as well as practising skills and routines
  • diminishes the need for professional aid

For the professional

  • reduces work time of professionals spent ensuring that routine activities are performed
  • frees time for work that relies on contact
  • enables support over distance
  • saves time and enables systematical use of time

For society

  • helps individuals to take actively part in society
  • saves professional resources

Now available:

A user-friendly service:

  • The alert beginning a chain of tasks can be scheduled into the phone app of the cared person within the web application.
  • The number of and lapse between repetitions can be determined, and also whether the task is required to be finished before moving on to the next task.
  • The cared person may, for instance, in real hurry, go without breakfast, but not without taking their medication.
  • Pictures, video clips and sounds can be changed to suit the cared person, eg. pictures can be taken from the actual environments of the person.

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In photo: Anne Repo

My mission is to support a meaningful daily life and tame the chaos.

I have worked with people in need of special support for nearly thirty years. For the first two decades I worked in special education. Since 2013 I have been an entrepreneur training neuropsychiatric coaches (ADHD coaches), coaching people in need of support and giving work- counselling to professionals working with people in need of special support in daily activities.

I have always been interested in mentoring the support of executive functions. When the challenges in executive functions arise from cerebral activity, as is the case with people who have neuro­psychiatric features (eg. ADHD, autism spectrum disorder), the activities of daily life take a lot of routine practice. The challenges in executive functions are rather permanent. People who have these challenges have to spend inordinately much of their resources in remembering and planning their actions, yet their everyday life may still be chaotic.

When working as coach, I have noticed that the resource reserved for the coaching is often not enough for the support needed. The same is told to me by the professionals in my work- counselling and training.

As the mobile devices become more usual, their excessive use has become a problem that has added to the challenges of everyday life. Understanding this resulted in the idea of uniting the benefit and drawback. Since the mobile devices are a natural, big part of daily life, let’s make them a part of daily support. A smooth daily life will become possible when we use the mobile device to unburden the brain of some of the load and thus release resources.


Examples of challenges in executive function to which the mobile app may bring help

morning routines
evening routines
doing the groceries
cleanliness of home

With best regards

Anne Repo